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Happy Valentine’s Day Part 1 I am grateful to have had a repeat client last night. “C” was going through a lot of stress with his relationship with his Mother (a cancer patient) and on and on. It sounded like he was in the throes of a very toxic relationship. I did my best to make him touch comfortable gently assert sharing the language of bliss with him. At some moments, I had to firmly beg that he “raise his Mother out of the room” and affirm to him out loud that this was HIS time to enjoy himself and that his gay massage had nothing to do with this experience NOW. Eventually he did order to let go; he got to explore new levels of enjoying himself and allowance “the baggage of the poisonous Mother” behind! I am always amazed at some one’s inability to enjoy themselves; almost as if benefaction and retain delight is a language their bodies have forgotten to speak. But then isn’t that why some clients come to me? While others of course (Hello “T” in CT LOL!) have no problem whatsoever in welcoming the masseur experience, with open hearts and bodies, to the MAX! YUM!

Happy Valentine’s Day-Part 2 A great M4M masseur is one who has the ability to put his ego on hold, give himself, listen, supply multifaceted aspects of healing, therapy, preference AND be present in the moment without harming himself OR the client. Meditation can also be a helpful tool for the practitioner to be detached. Of course I will be the first to admit I’m selfish and LOVE reciprocation! It is a letdown when the client chooses to be indifferent and unreactive in a school, but I still rise to the occasion. I am, after all, a business and continue to act as one, even when I experience “cold fish syndrome” from a client. My ability to not design my necessarily into every session comes from decades of experience and age. No one teaches you at massage school how to discover feelings of transference and be “healthfully detached” while providing excellent stroking. It took me years to discover that most of my working tempo, it’s not about me. I mean years LOL! The ignorance of adolescent unfit most younger body workers from gleaning this innate enlightenment. That leads to the question “are they accountable for their ignorance” or not? Anyway wishing everyone warm Valentine’s wishes on this most lovely of holidays.

I am very friendly and non-judgmental. I greet burg kind of clients, from directly and curious to gay men face for a remarkable massage experience. My business is a joy and an honor, and I consider every client as an single blessing in my life. My male to male bodywork consists in gay prof.

Reviewed by peripsique on Jun 23, 2020 I saw Steven’s ad on this website and on others awhile ago. As I no longer live on the east coast, I kept on dreaming about the possibility of returning to NYC. The opportunity came in during a Labor Day Weekend. I contacted him over email and text and he was very responsive and accommodating. I met Steven on a Saturday morning. Getting to his place felt liking visiting an old friend. Steven is an easy-gestation man with an amicable demeanor. Not only he is a excellent conversationalist, but a jack of all trades (business-wise). Besides, his physical appearance is alluring and captivating. The session was truly enjoyable. Not only I felt divert, but the end result left me with a sense of interior harmony that made me regret I had to leave back to the Midwest. If you are in New York and are serious nearly getting a kind massage, give Steven a likelihood and your body will advanced it. nycmasseur Replied Jun 24, 2020 Dear peripsique; What a lovely, articulate reconsideration! Thank you, be well and see you quickly! largest, Steve O NYCMASSEUR.COM Reviewed by JCinNYC on Jul 11, 2018 This was not my first delay seeing Steve for a rubbing but it’s been several months. I reached out to him after a yoga class worked me over too well, and I was countenance forward to Steve operation me over. He is always attentive and draft to make sure the grievance and the concentrate are normal what I need and he payment attention to my responses to know to give me more. His space is well-proportioned and comfortable and I always have the option to shower before and after. We’re working on doing a more regular thing and I would also love to try my skills out on Steve. He is so relatable and a excellent intuitive provider, knowing when to adjust the pressure and when to dive in. I am so face progressively to our next visit. Reviewed by Emilioyenrique on Jan 09, 2018 I had an excellent massage with Steve Orr on Saturday, Jan. 6. I arrived in NYC the day before the snow storm and felt the need for a relaxing massage by that weekend. Getting to his apartment was a very unconcerned failure from Mid-town and an tranquil place to find. Once I got inside and gotta rid of all the layers of clothing, I found myself in a perfectly comfortable, cordial massage post. Steve started by using his hands to accustom my body with his touch. Then throughout the percussion, he used a variety of techniques. His touch on my neck and shoulders felt mild, yet when I left all stress from that area was gone. This was the main issue I wanted him to address. The massage was relaxing in all senses of the word. He interrogate me to impede him know if I did not probable any technique he used or his pressure on any part of the body. Not one complaint did I have. I simply lay on the syllabus and moaned my pleasure as he eased all the tension. I chose Steve for his detailed detail gave me a sense of what I could hope, and I was not disappointed. He is lives proof that experience and expertise recompense off if you want an amalgamated massage that is relaxing, remedial, and fleshly. Besides, Steve is a warm, charming, attractive subject. nycmasseur Replied May 21, 2018 Thank you Emilioyenrique for taking the time to scrawl a review! So many clients “get lost in the sauce” and disappear! I understand it. Read All Reviews of nycmasseur

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